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Jun 9

5 Smart Strategies from an Unlikely Marketing Maestro

Among the many other things that have been said about him, Donald Trump has been heralded in Ad Age as a marketing genius. “Trump is without a doubt the most modern and sophisticated marketer of the Republican candidates.”  The claim presented by John Barker, president and chief...

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May 25

Never Underestimate the Power of Branding

Every marketer knows that branding is important. But how often do we stop and consciously think about branding when preparing materials to go out the door?  Probably not as often as we should… the rule should be, think about it every time.  Here’s why.

The Benefits of Strong...

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Apr 20

Is Your Organization Guilty of “Me Too” Marketing?

Stuck in the Platitude Zone?

A quick look at advertising, marketing materials and websites shows that many are filled with platitudes. 



As a marketer it is all too easy to fall into the lemming trap.  Many marketers play it safe by saying the same things as their...

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