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Unlike traditional advertising agencies and business consultants, NorthStar Strategies offers clients an integrated marketing approach. Beginning with strategic discussion and planning, NorthStar helps clients define a vision for their business: where are the opportunities, how to fix weaknesses, how to set priorities. NorthStar then helps clients bring these strategic plans to fruition by personally managing the development and execution of marketing plans…down to the smallest detail. The result are marketing programs and advertising messages that provide customers with a consistent and compelling reason to choose the client’s company. Our areas of expertise include:


Strategic Planning: Develop insights, innovations and strategies that will best help you realize your business goals. Identify the tactics, priorities and processes to achieve those goals via a fully integrated marketing program.


Brand Development: Enhance your brand with a relevant, durable and compelling promise that influences how people think and feel about the brand. Build the brand’s equity to add value and create a ubiquitous, single-minded focus. Leverage visual identity to embody the branding strategy.


Creative Strategy: Identify primary target audiences; articulate the promise statement and supporting rationale for message creation. Translate to an action plan for all communications.


Creative Services: Deliver powerful and inspired marketing elements that bring the creative strategy to life with graphics and copy that create a unified, ownable look and language.


Digital Marketing and Social Media: Harness internet-based marketing options to align with the overall communications strategy and provide a platform for prospect and customer engagement.


Media Planning & Placement: Define strategic media options; develop an optimized media mix and allocation plan for implementation; maintain an agile position in the marketplace as media impact is closely monitored, massaged and maximized.


Market Research: Create actionable market intelligence by designing, executing and analyzing qualitative and quantitative studies that address crucial questions and inform the strategic direction of the marketing program.


Smart Words

"Creativity without strategy is called 'art.'  Creativity with strategy is called advertising."

 Jef Richards, PhD, Department Chair Advertising, University of Texas, President - AAA